Update: 27 weeks

Today was the day of my Consultant appointment. I didn’t feel great yesterday and baby was kicking away really forcefully. I didn’t sleep well, and had to leave the house with A by 8am to make sure we got to the hospital in time for our 9:05 appointment time. Sods Law had it, that as we had left early, we were 30 mins early for our appointment. I know if we had left any later than we wouldn’t have made it!.

I checked in for my appointment and was given the compulsory urine sample pot. What is it with those pots! Why do they insist on them being so thin? Do they not know how hard it is to try to pee in to one of them things with a huge bump in the way?

Anyway, we sat waiting for a bit, then was called in by the Midwife. She checked my blood pressure and urine sample. All ok thankfully. Then she measured my tummy and listened to baby. She measured me at 29cm. I am only 27wks, so should be around the 27cm mark. She said it could be down to position of baby. I hope so, otherwise I might be growing a baby elephant! I don’t make big babies, so please don’t let me carry one!

Instead of seeing my Consultant, I saw his Registrar. It was the same Registrar as when I was pregnant with A. This lady is amazing, I really like her, so was happy to see her again. She went and spoke to the scanning department and got them to agree to a re-scan at 32wks to check the position of the placenta. The placenta isn’t low-lying, but it wasn’t shown as low at my 21wk scan with A, so the scan at 32wks should be able to just make sure that the placenta definitely isn’t low.

I’m still hoping that they will bring my Delivery Date forward, although deep down I know that they won’t. I just feel like a lard at the moment, and still have 12 more weeks until delivery. Just hope that the remaining weeks are problem free.