Our Coombe Mill Break – Day 8 (Departure)

Today we leave Coombe Mill.

We have had a lovely time here.Its been such a peaceful time. Coombe Mill is in such gorgeous surroundings. All you hear is the sounds of the birds and the running river. Occasionally you’d hear the donkey making its “Eee-Orrr” from across the way.

We checked out just before 10am. We had had heard of a devastating crash on the M5, which was the route we needed to go. They had shut part of the motorway off, so we had to find an alternative route.

Fiona recommended the Fleet Air Arm Museum as a stop off on the way back. P is a fan of military aircraft so we decided to stop of. It also breaks up a very long journey.

We headed down the A30 all the way to the museum. It didn’t take too long to get there. We spent a fair few hours looking around the planes, although J and K were more interested in when could they visit the shop.

It is definitely a place we would go back to. Even I found it interesting, and I’m not that big a fan!

We decided to take the A30/A303 home. This route took us right past Stonehenge. I decided to see if I could take a picture with my iPhone as we drove past.

This is what I captured:

I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to Fiona, Farmer Nick, their family and everyone at Coombe Mill who made our mini vacation a lovely experience. Coombe Mill truly is a beautiful place to visit and we are sad to leave. Back to the hustle and bustle that comes with living near the city. Back to work and back to school. Back to the manic and chaos that is our lives…… until next time!!


Our Coombe Mill Break – Day 7

It was the last animal feed run of the week today so we alldecided to go. Sadly J was playing up and misbehaving. It took us a while toget him ready and he was pre-warned to behave or he would be going straightback to the cottage. Unfortunately, shortly after we had reached the pigs J wasnaughty. He was messing around with the trailer gate and caused one of theyounger children to cry. He was asked to apologisebut he refused, so I took him back to the cottage andwaited for P to return back with the girls. It was a real shame that he had togo and ruin things by silly actions!Thankfully, the little girl wasn’t hurt and just shocked (the gate flew back onher), but it wasn’t the point. Needless to say he behaved better for the restof the day (apart from the bickering with K in the car).We decided to head off to Boscastle in the morning. It’s a pretty little harbour village. We had awalk around, peeped in the gift shops and had some lunch.

J has been going on all week about going to the beach, so we decided to headdown to Polzeath. Again, it isa place where my grandparents used to take my sisters and me as children. It’sa vast beach and really pretty setting. As it is out of season we were able topark up on the beach.
We took a little walk along the beach and decided to get a nice cup of tea towarm us up before heading back to Coombe Mill.The rest of the evening was spent washing, tidying up and packing for our triphome. It was P’s first time down to Cornwall and he has really enjoyed it. It’sso quiet and peaceful and so remote! I love that we are in the middle ofnowhere (although mobile phone signal and Wi-Fi can be a nightmare!!). It’sbeen nice having P off work for the week and spending time together as afamily.Fiona and Farmer Nick at Coombe Mill have been great. They are such lovelypeople. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a quiet retreat with thefamily (or as a couple) to check out Coombe Mill!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and I really don’t want to leave!!


Our CoombeMill break – Day 6

J and I went on the animal food run this morning. K wasjoining us, but in typical 4yr old style she didn’t pick her feet up whenwalking and went splat, face down into a pile of mud! This meant that I had totake her back to the cottage where P was with A and he cleaned her up.

Today the feed run was done by Farmer Ted. We took some left over scraps we hadas well as the pumpkin from Halloween, which was given to the pigs to playwith. J wasn’t brave enough to feed any of the animals, so Farmer Ted gave himsome bread to throw in the pond for the ducks. I got some great pictures againof the animals and one of a chicken who had climbed into the pond area! Wethink he thinks he’s a duck!!

After the animal run we had to go to the supermarket to get some more suppliesand bits for A. It was then back to the cottage for lunch, then we decided totake the children swimming.

Just up the road from Coombe Mill is a place called Hengar Manor. It’s anotherplace where my Nan used to take us swimming when we visited, and then someevenings we would go up when there was entertainment on. We decided to take thechildren there.

We don’t get to go swimming much at home. A has never been swimming! When wegot in there the children were rather clingy and wouldn’t let go. A reallyenjoyed the water and loves to splash.

We managed to coax the older 2 out of the ‘baby’ pool. K screamed rather loudlyfor some reason. They were both wearing armbands but to try and get them toaccept that they can float was hard!

However *Proud Mummy Moment Alert* J decided he wanted to go down the slide. Wegeared him on and P stood at the bottom ready to “catch” him. He wasslightly unsure at first and stopped himself before he went splashing into thewater. Once he had done it, I t wanted to go again and this time he went straightdown into the water! It was an amazing achievement for him. He’s not a huge fanof water. He hates water going anywhere near his face, so for him it was a bigdeal and both P and I were so proud of him for giving t a go!!

Then there’s K. I managed to convince her that she will float with her armbandson! I showed her how to kick her legs and move her arms and gradually let go ofher. Once she realisedshe was floating and actually “swimming” there was no stopping her!She done the whole length of the pool! So, in a space of 1 hour, she went fromnear on strangling me she was holding on so tight, so “swimming” thewhole length of the pool!! Definitely swimming lessons on the cards when we gethome.

After swimming we went up to the bar and had a bite to eat. The bar hadn’tchanged at all. It had been redecorated but everything was in the same placesas I remembered man-years ago!!
After dinner we headed back to the cottage. The children and P watched a filmwhilst I tidied bits up. Tomorrow is the last day we are here before we leaveon Saturday. We are really enjoying all the countryside and none of us want toleave!


Our CoombeMill break – Day 5

We missed the food run this morning as we didn’t get up until 8:30. A didn’tsleep well again and was awake several times during the night and then J woke at2:30am wanting to go have breakfast. I’m not quite sure why he was awake soearly as there is a black out blind in the room and K managed to sleep through.I sometimes think it’s just J’s natural body clock to wake early, although Iwish that wasn’t the case!!

J was in one of his moods this morning, and it took us a while to coax him toget dressed. When we had finally managed to finished getting everybody ready wedecided to head off to The Eden Project. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for afew years so was really excited to see it.

It wasn’t particularly busy there so we managed to get round and see everythingwe wanted. I really do recommend going to The Eden Project if you ever visitCornwall. The entry fees were reasonably priced and as under 5’s are free itmeant that we didn’t have to pay for the younger 2. We also gift aided on ourentrance fee and as a thank you from The Eden Project we received 12months freeentry which is fab as it means that we (hopefully) can come back within ayear!!

Within The Eden Project there are two main Biomes, The Rainforest and theMediterranean. It is mainly all different species of plants within the Biomes,as well as sculptures, waterfalls and mock huts from certain parts of the world.

The children enjoyed looking at all the different plants and reading theplaques about them and where they’re found, although it did get slightly hot inthe Rainforest Biome. The Eden Project is a real educational experience forchildren and adults.

We decided to get dinner on the way home, so we stopped in at the Jamaica Innas we didn’t go inside yesterday. It really is slightly eerie in there. It’s asspooky on t he inside as it is on the outside. The food was fairly nice too.

When we left it was raining really hard, and dark, but we decided we wouldcross the moor on the way to the cottage again. It’s the most direct route asyou’re cutting through the moor rather than round it. It wasn’t as bad a driveas it sounds. There was hardly any oncoming traffic, so with lights on fullbeam it was easy navigate.

A had fallen asleep on the way back and K crashed on the sofa shortly after. Ithink it was a rather productive day, if you ask me!


Our CoombeMill break – Day 4

Theweather was beautiful today. Was a little chilly, but the sun was shining.

P and J went on the feed run this morning whilst the girls and myself stayedback at the cottage. A hadn’t slept that well so was tired. She’s teething tooso was slightly grumpy and didn’t think it would be fair on her (or the otherguests) to drag her out on the feed run whilst she was miserable.

Once P & J returned we discussed what to do today. There are still a fewthings we want to do before we go home, and J is eager to go to the beach. Wegave the children the option of going to the Eden Project or we could go andvisit King Arthur’s Castle. Being avid Merlin fans, they opted for King Arthur’sCastle.

When we arrived, we were a little disheartened to find that as of 1st Novemberit actually shuts during the week and is only open on weekends. However, wewere able to walk down the footpaths around the castle.

We took A in her pushchair not realising how steep the hills were. I did havemy wrap with me but I would rather push a pushchair up a hill than carry a 17lbbaby on my front up a hill!!

The children were slightly disappointed that the “castle” wasactually ruins and not an actual real castle. I think they were expecting tosee the castle shown on the TV programme.

We took a wander back up to the village and had some lunch in a local pub.After lunch we went and had some ice cream before heading back.

On the way back we decided to head towards the little hamlet where mygrandparents used to live. We managed to find it fairly easily. It has been 11years since I was last there and the hamlet has changed. My grandparents househas changed, and opposite, where it was once just hedgerow and land, is now ahouse! It was quite surreal going there and not pulling into the driveway, notseeing my Nan come to the door to greet us, to not see the kitchen window openand my Grandad standing there whistling at the birds and throwing biscuits andbacon fat out to them. I feel sad that P or the children never got to meet 2 ofthe most important people in my life. They were truly lovely people andterribly missed every day.

It was still early(ish) so we decided to go for a drive and see if we couldfind a pub called The Jamaica Inn. It is one of the oldest and most hauntedpubs in the country. It was featured on Most Haunted back in 2004 where theteam did a ghost hunt. It is faulty easy to get to and we were surprised tofind it so close to the A30 and in a little village. We were expecting it to bein the middle of nowhere. We parked up and J and I got out and went to the giftshop and to take a few snaps before heading back to the car.

We decided to take the scenic route over the Moors to get back to CoombeMill.I love driving along the moors. It is something we used to do as children when visitingmy grandparents.

This trip is being very nostalgic.


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