There’s been a lot of media coverage and programmes about hoarders the past few years. Those who know a hoarder will know how frustrating it can be to live with them. To live amongst the clutter and mess, not being able to clear anything out without causing distress.

What if that hoarder was your nearly 7-year-old child. This is what we have to face on a daily basis. Along with his ADHD and traits of Aspergers Syndrome, J also has “Magpie Syndrome” and is a hoarder. He collects things that you and I would perceive to be rubbish. This means every few weeks I need to clear his room out, not only of the collected items but also to enable us to actually get into his room. Despite having the smallest room in the house, only managing his bed, a chest of drawers, a bedside cabinet and some drawers on wheels; his room takes the longest to clean.

I did the big clear out on Friday (22nd) whilst he was at school. It took me 5 hours from start to finish and I cleared out 2 black bags of rubbish, wrappers, broken toys, cut up bags/clothes/cables. Everything was put back in its place and his room looked fantastic (even if I do say so myself).

Unfortunately, it won’t stay this way for long. Within a few days (possibly a week at most) we will see things start appearing in his room, clothes thrown out of drawers, books off shelves and being unable to open the bedroom door due to the mess. So I’ll then have to spend another day tidying whilst he’s at school. I’m dreading the 6 week summer break.

Is your child a hoarder? How do you deal with the mess and trying to encourage them to not keep everything?


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Mean Mummy

Yep, it’s true! I am one mean mummy…well if you asked my kids I am.

I feel like I am forever fighting a losing battle with clutter and mess and toys and I am at the end of my tether with it. So I have decided to get tough!!

For weeks I have been on at the children about keeping their rooms tidy and putting toys away that they get out. Did my continuous asking and moaning get me anywhere? Of course it didn’t. I would spend hours of my day tidying up after a 6.5 and 5-year-old who are more than capable of putting things back in their place only for everything to be pulled out within minutes and my pleas to tidy up falling on deaf ears.

Last weekend saw me at breaking point. I’m 5months pregnant, our house is cramped as it is with the 5 of us and a dog and a new little person is arriving in just a few small months. We need to do as much as we can to maximise the space we have for at least another year before we can move.

The children were asked to help tidy away and tidy their rooms for the umpteenth time, but as per usual their selective hearing kicked in and nothing got done. So mummy got mean!! I went out and brought storage boxes and packed up every single toy that belonged to the older 2 ready to store them in the garage. The only toys remaining in the house are those of A’s, who at 19 months old actually picks up after herself as well as taking her plates/bowls to the kitchen after she’s finished eating!

Has this method worked? So far it doesn’t seem to have sunk in. Do you think perhaps I’ve been too harsh on them? Considering they hardly get asked to do anything!

How do you encourage your kids to help put things away and help around the house?

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The Kitchen that Jack Built…..

Well, his name wasn’t Jack but if you know the saying, then you know what I mean!

This week we had our old kitchen ripped out and a brand spanking new one installed. Its been a long time coming. We have been in our house 5years now and the kitchen was here when we moved in and was in need of being ripped out.

You see, the guy who lived here before installed the kitchen, badly! I mean, we knew it was bad, but it actually turned out it was worse than we thought once the kitchen fitters started ripping it out. The wiring was shoddy (we knew that, hence why we also got the electrics sorted). We found sockets spurred off sockets that were already spurred off a socket (confused you yet?). PO (previous owner) obviously had no clue what he was doing, but as they worked he left them. Yes, they worked, but they could have gone seriously wrong! We were so lucky! We had an electrical survey done when we first moved in, but we didn’t know how severe the electrics were otherwise we would have got it all done years ago.

Anyway, the wonky kitchen cupboards were removed. Some of the base units were sitting on bricks, the sink work top wasn’t sealed, or even screwed down! We used to have a terrible damp, mouldy smell in the kitchen. We put it down to dodgy drains, but nope…the wood on the worktop was rotten! It fell in half when lifted off! YUK.

The kitchen fitters have done a great job! They were from a local company and I really cannot recommend them enough! So, if anyone within the North Surrey area needs a new kitchen, check out Ashford Kitchens and Interiors

The work started Monday, and finished Thursday. The tiling will be completed next week. We only have a small kitchen, but still, we thought that was a great turnaround! The units are fantastic and we have gained so much more storage space and the kitchen feels so much bigger.

Here are a few pics I took of Before, During and After (please excuse the mess in the before pics lol)


                Monday (Day 1)


Tuesday (Day 2)


Wednesday (Day 3)


                               Thursday (Completed, except for tiling)

*Edit – Completed Kitchen after Tiling

(The recommendation is purely of our own accord)