BritMums Live: The Countdown!

I’m going to BritMums Live

So the countdown to BritMums Live has begun! Next Friday (22nd) I shall be on a train on my way to London to attend one of THE blogging events of the year and I’m super excited!

However, I don’t feel that prepared. I have my Blogger “business” cards and obviously my ticket and that’s about it really.

I don’t really have anything to wear. Being 5 months pregnant my wardrobe is limited and I feel like a whale in almost everything. I need something comfortable, yet stylish (yeah, ok me and style don’t really mix but hey, I’m trying!).

I also need to go through the schedule and see which talks I want to attend. How I’m going to choose though I don’t know! There are some great speakers attending.

I need to also arrange to meet up with people. Luckily I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few fellow bloggers, but nothing is worse than turning up to an event, not knowing anyone and feeling like a duck out of water. So, if anyone wants to meet up, whether we’ve met before or not, just Holla!!

I can’t wait to attend this event! It’s gonna be fab….and if course, if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll be tweeting throughout the day and obviously there will be a blog post (or more) about the event.


Cybher 2012

On Saturday, I was up early and at the train station to get the tube in to London. I arrived at the swanky 8 Northumberland and felt a little out-of-place to start with. This was my first blogging event and I didn’t know anyone. Sure, I knew people from twitter but I hadn’t arranged to actually meet up with anyone and it seemed that everyone knew everyone. I waited until we could head towards Registration. I collected my badge and a gorgeous leather Cybher satchel, and made my way downstairs to grab a nice cuppa!

I felt like I was in amongst some blogging royalty when I spotted some fabulous bloggers that I follow. I said hello to a few people, had a smooch around the sponsors tables, picked up some wonderful swag and then headed up to the ballroom for the Welcome talks.

You can tell you are in a similar crowd, when out comes the technology! The Cybher twitter feed and instagram feed were going berserk.

The whole day was amazing. The sessions I went on were slightly different from what I was expecting judging by their titles, but still really informative. I really enjoyed the Blogging for Good session and it really made me want to use my blog to do more good.

World Vision was one of the sponsors for Cybher and I took the leap and sponsored a child with them. K had been mentioning a lot about how she wants to help the children in Africa, and as you can write letters to your sponsored child, I thought this would be great for her. She was overjoyed when I presented it to her the next day and was telling me all about how she WILL go to Africa and give the people clean water to drink! Think I have a little budding Charity worker on my hands!

The whole event was inspiring and I really thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I got to listen to talks by some amazing people, I got to meet some amazing people, and hopefully came away with lots of inspiration for the blog as well as an urge to do good with the blog and support as many charities as I can!!

I really look forward to next year!!


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Cybher: Meet & Greet

Ok, so I know I am REALLY late in doing this Meet and Greet given that Cybher is tomorrow …. eeekk!!

Thought I best do one, as some…ok probably most, of those going don’t know me! So here goes….


This is Me :)


Name : Rachel
Blogs : Confessions of a SAHM

Twitter ID : @rachelgully

Height : just slightly shy of 5ft 4inch

Hair : Brown Bob

Five things you should know about me…

1. I’m a SAHM 😉

2. I’m fairly shy when meeting new people

3. My dream is to emigrate to Florida

4. I love driving! I rarely use public transport, especially on my own, so going to Cybher on my own is a BIG deal for me!

5. I don’t like back stabbers.


There we have it…. a few things about me! Hopefully see you there


If you’re on the social networking site Twitter, then you may know what a “Tweet-up” is. If you’re not on Twitter, then I’ll do my best to explain.

Twitter is a social networking site where you “follow” people. They can be celebrities (yes, they are on there and some of them are really nice and interact with you!!), people who have the same interests as you, or purely a business that you like and want to keep up to date with.

Each message you send is called a “Tweet”. You also have a facility to “hash-tag” certain words. This then will put all those tweets with the same hash tag in to a “file”, so you can see all messages from users who have used that particluar tag.

So, when I saw that there was going to be a #tweetup for my local area I thought it would be a brilliant way to get to know local people and perhaps make new friends.

The first tweet up was 2 months ago, which unfortunately I couldn’t make. I am normally a shy person, so I am dubious of attending events on my own, but I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. How else are you meant to meet people?

The event itself was hosted by Sundowner VA in a local bar. Sheree was so welcoming, and everyone there was so friendly that my nerves disappeared. It was a free event, although you were asked to “book” in advance to confirm your attendance. Upon arrival, everyone was given a little tag which had your name and your “twitter name” on, so you could recognise people (and follow them, if not already doing so).

There was a few people who had turned up to promote their businesses and to network with people, and I did feel a bit awkward when business cards were exchanged and I was asked what I did for a living. Somehow I felt that saying I was a “Stay at Home Mum” cut it, but everyone was to accepting of my “profession”.

On the whole though it was a great night. I got to meet new people, and I got to put faces to names that I had seen on Twitter.

I would really recommend anyone on Twitter to do a “Tweet-up”. Its great for meeting new people, and great for networking! I’m looking forward to the next one