Week 28

How on earth are we at Week 28 already? The days seem to be whizzing by and it only feels like yesterday that I was at my first scan and saw a little 6week old blob on the screen, still too small to even see a heartbeat. It still shocks me to think that in just 11 weeks time we will have a new baby in our family! The older children break for Summer this week, and once they’re back to school we’ll have less than 4 weeks to go! Crazy!

In general I am feeling pretty well. Tired, but that’s part and parcel of pregnancy and having young children who run you ragged and a house that needs constant tidying. No weight gain again this week. With the Summer Holidays coming up, I suspect that not much weight will go on with all 3 children at home.

Baby wise, well he is very active! So much more active than what the girls were. J was pretty active, but I don’t feel as big and as uncomfortable as I did with J, which is a blessing. According to the app on my phone, baby is getting more snug in

(don’t I know it!!). He also weighs approx a kilo (2.2lbs) and measures around 38cm from head to heels. He can now blink, he has eyelashes and may even be able to see light that filters through the womb. His brain neurons are developing rapidly and he’s adding body fat in preparation of being born.

These last few weeks will more than likely be spent now just preparing the children for the arrival, and preparing the house. We have all of the big bits we need and I have been buying a few clothes here and there. We’re in the process of saving for our double pushchair too. So, just need to start buying the essentials nappies etc, although I am considering trying out re-usable ones this time. Written down it actually seems like I am more organised than I feel.


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