Birth Reflections

Last week we had a meeting with the Birth Reflections Midwife at my local hospital. This service is provided by the hospital for people who have gone through birth trauma to help you understand what happened. Men are just as welcome to use the service as much as women are.

When I was pregnant with A and spent all those weeks in hospital I had already met with one of the Birth Reflections Midwives to discuss what was happening at that time and what could happen. I came to terms with everything, whereas P didn’t get much help or support and was affected quite badly, so as to be expected, he wasn’t overly happy with the news of this pregnancy to begin with.

The meeting with Birth Reflections was really helpful and helped reassure P that the same complications shouldn’t arise this time around. The fact that the placenta is at the back and not the front is good. It’s not low lying either, so the chance of the placenta being attached to my previous scar is very low. The Midwife has recommended that my consultant re-scan me in a few weeks just to double check the position of the placenta for reassurance as the placenta wasn’t low lying with A at our 21 week scan but by 33 weeks it was.

I managed to ask questions that had been whizzing around my head. What are the chances of Placenta Abruption? Could I give birth naturally after having had 2 previous C-Sections? If I decide I don’t want to be sterilised at the time of delivery, could they still do it a few months/years down the line? How many C-Sections can I have, if we were to increase our family? What are my chances of going into Premature Labour?

Thankfully she managed to answer all my queries and put us both at ease that things should be uncomplicated this time. Obviously, they can’t foresee the future and what might happen during this pregnancy and birth, but so far everything is going well and no signs of any issues.

Now, just got to get through the next 3.5 months and meet this little fella!


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