Week 24

WOHOO I have reached one of the most encouraging milestones! I am now 24 weeks pregnant! This means that I am now classed as Viable, and should I go in to labour from now on, my baby will be given a chance of survival.

My problems with A started at 27+3 weeks, so my next goal is to reach 28 weeks with no problems.

I saw my GP this morning as I am still on anti-depressant, so she see’s me every 4 weeks. She was quite shocked when I told her I was only 24 weeks. She said I look a lot bigger. I’m hoping it’s because I am carrying all out front, and not because I am carrying a tiny elephant.

Oh, and I have FINALLY gained a bit of weight! It’s only 1lb, so it is all baby right now, but I’m kinda pleased that I have gained that little bit. I’m not expecting to gain loads to be honest, but it’s definately going in the right direction.


According to the Pregnancy app on my phone, baby is approx 30cm in length and will soon be starting to fill out. His skin is still translucent but that will soon start to change. His brain is growing quickly and his taste buds are developing. His lungs are also developing well and creating the cells he needs to inflate his lungs at birth and start him breathing.

As usual, picture taken today. I’ll see you next week at our Week 25 Update…eeeek!!



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