Week 23

It’s that time of the week again! Time for my weekly Pregnancy Update!

Today see’s me entering my 23rd week. One more week to go and our baby will be viable!

Nothing overly new to report. I don’t feel as big as I look, and often forget that I am actually pregnant, until I bend down and get a head shoved under my ribs.

Still no weight gained this week. I’m eating, so I’m not overly concerned. Baby is obviously taking everything he needs from me in order to grow, although I am not expecting an overly big baby. My heaviest was my eldest who was born weighing 7lbs 5oz at 8 days late. Both my girls were in the in the 5lb region. I’m putting my bet in now that he will be within the 6lb region.

According to the Pregnancy app on my phone baby is nearly 29cm long and weighs over half a kilo (approx 1.1lbs). The blood vessels in his lungs are developing and his hearer is starting to become sharper. He can hear what I hear and can hear my voice, but obviously only muffled sounds due to the muscles, placenta and amniotic fluid that surrounds him.

I see him squirming a lot under my clothes and he is following in his sister’s footsteps and is a hiccupy baby!!

Below is my 23 week bump picture. What do you think? Am I really huge??

23 weeks


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