Bills, Bills, Blooming Bills

I was talking with a friend recently about Bills. Eurgh, no one loves bills and arranging them. We got on to the subject of who in the household is responsible for making sure the bills are taken care of. My friend mentioned how she was responsible for controlling them in her house. I felt a bit ashamed to admit that I don’t. In fact, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start! My husband takes care of everything, from making sure the Mortgage is paid on time, updating/renewing the Car Insurance, and ensuring all the other mundane bills are paid in correct and on time.

It got me thinking and wondering, am I alone in this? My mother was always the one to take care of the bills in the house as we grew up. My dad would obviously provide the funds to pay them, but it was primarily her job to make sure they were paid.

When approached in the street by people wanting to know how much I pay for this service or that service, I feel a bit of a cheat and a cop out when I reply “I don’t know, my husband takes care of it”.

In this day and age, should women take care of the bills? Should we know who our Car Insurance is with, who we pay and how much we pay for the services we use? Who takes care of the Bills in your home? Is it your husband’s job or are you the main Bill payer? I’d really like to know if there are other women out there who let their husbands take care of these tasks….or is it a woman’s job?

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