Kids Bee Happy Sand Art Home Pack Review

Over half term J & K got to review the Kids Bee Happy Sand Art kits.

They love crafts, especially K and Sand Art has to be one of her favourites. Unfortunately, I can be a bit of a meany mummy sometimes and rather not participate in a craft that is going to be seriously messy!

I was a bit dubious to begin with as it can be a bit fiddly. The pictures that come in the pack are fab (girls and boys sets) and you get a really good range of different coloured sands, as well as clear laminate folders (if you have a laminator at home) to keep the pictures looking nice.

Each pack consists of 2 Pictures, 10 tubes of sand, 2 Cocktail pics to pull off the yellow top layer and Full instructions.

The kids were eager to get started on the sand art. I made space on the table and spread out some old magazine pages.

I found peeling off the yellow paper could be quite fiddle even with the little cocktail sticks provided to peel the layer off with.

The children chose which sections they wanted to colour all the same, and I peeled back the yellow top layer revealing the self adhesive section underneath. Now came the bit I was really dreading! The pouring over of the sand! BUT the sand pots are small and have little nozzles on them, so rather than a big pour that I expected, it was quite easy to control.

K decided to tip some of the sand out, then spread it using her finger, whereas J doesn’t like the feel of sand, so he used the nib of the sand pot to spread it about. We then dusted off the sand onto the magazine paper and we were able to unscrew the sand pots and pour back the excess sand. I found that the most time consuming bit was the pouring off the sand back into the pots, as the children just wanted to colour everything in one go.

However, these packs are great for any craft loving kids and are especially great for rainy days to keep them occupied and we will definitely be using them again! I may be a “craft mum” convert after all…but Shhh don’t tell the kids just yet 😉

You can purchase these kits from Kids Bee Happy for £8.99 per pack.


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  1. Scottish Mum
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 10:33:32

    Hiya Lovely review. Glad you liked them. x

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