Farewell…Adios Amigos

I’m off to hospital tomorrow morning to have my rather large tonsils removed!

I’m glad it’s being done but bricking it too.

I’ve had throat problems for as king as I can remember. As a child I constantly got tonsillitis and always at the doctor surgery. At the age of 12 I was told that if I were to see my GP one more time with tonsillitis within 3 months then they would have to come out.

Within those few months I was back at the doctors surgery. This time I saw a different GP who said that it wasn’t tonsillitis, it was viral & all the other times were probably viral too. No antibiotics and no referral for surgery.

I was slightly disappointed as I was getting sore throats every few months, but just muddled through with over the counter stuff and never really bothered the doctors with it.

Until 11years later! I got a really sore throat and as we were getting married soon I thought I best get it checked out. I was told it was tonsillitis and antibiotics prescribed.

Everything was fine until I was hit with another bout just a few months later, and a third just a few months after that.

My GP referred me for an ultrasound and a barium X-ray to see if there was anything else causing the problems and to see if I has any nodules on the back of my throat, as I have them in my nose. Thankfully all was clear.

I was referred to the hospital to have them removed, but I’d just discovered I was pregnant, so told to get re-referred after the baby had been born. Sadly we lost the baby, so I got my GP to refer me back.

By the time I got to see the consultant I was pregnant again, but decided to keep my mouth shut out of fear of getting kicked off the waiting list. We sadly lost that baby also, but it also meant I was still on the list to have my tonsils removed.

I was offered a date for November 2009 and took it. I checked with work that I’d get paid as normal for them to drop the bombshell that I’d only get the statutory amount (thanks to me having time off with all my bouts if throat infections). As I needed 2weeks off work and had nursery and childminder fees to pay, I just couldn’t afford to have the time off, so I cancelled the operation and got taken off the waiting list.

I then discovered I was pregnant with A. Amazingly when I’m pregnant I hardly had any issues with my throat at all!

Since having A in October 2010, I have had around 9 separate amounts of anti-biotics. That’s a course every few months.

I try to not take so many anti-biotics and know when I really need them. I know when I’m getting a bout of tonsillitis as I get very ‘heady’. Have you ever had such a vivid dream that you could swear it were real? That’s what it feels like when I’ve got an infection. Like I’m not really there, that I’m watching everything from afar. It’s a horrid feeling and makes me feel very nauseous. Well that combined with the husky voice and razor sharp throat.

So in that respect I’ll be glad that they’ll no longer be there to cause me pain and discomfort and hopefully my large glands will go down a bit.

But on the other hand, I’m petrified that something will go wrong. I know it’s just me being stupid! After all they do this surgery all the time and I know a few people who have had their tonsils out as adults and besides the pain, they’ve been fine. I’m just being silly and a fusspot!

So, there you go…I’ll say adios for now! I’m staying in for one night then will have to spend 2 weeks recovering. I need to make sure I don’t shout and I’m banned from school runs for 2 weeks…Doctors orders!

I shall see you on the other side of surgery, minus my tonsils.


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