Plus 1 = 6 :)

On Boxing Day there was a new addition to our Family!

We gained a little 10mth old Patterjack Puppy called Honey.


She is adorable and the children love her. Well K and A do. J isn’t so sure at the moment but he is warming to her. We know that in time they will be best of friends.

A follows Honey everywhere and Yes, she has tried to eat the dog food! Hopefully she’ll get bored of the temptation to help herself.

A and Honey

Yesterday was spent letting Honey settle in here. She has free run of all of the downstairs and the garden. I am however, trying to make sure that she doesn’t go upstairs. I’m not a big fan of dogs in beds, and seeing as A spends most nights in with us the last thing we need is a pup in with us too.

Sleeping across my lap

Sleeping next to my legs with her head on the arm of the sofa

Today, we decided to take her for a walk round the park to see how she is on the lead. She was OK. We didn’t let her off as we’re not confident enough yet that she would return to us when called. She also is not sure of other dogs and barks a bit. The children enjoyed the walk though, and we think Honey did too. I’m really looking forward to getting out more for trips to the park etc! Dogs certainly do help keep you fit.

J running

K playing ‘Peek-a-Boo’



We decided to pop in to a pet store before we went home to get a few treats for Honey. Animals are allowed in the store, so it was another test to see how she would do with other dogs. She behaved really well. We picked up some treats, 2 new bigger bowls and a non slip mat. As we were looking around another little dog came up to her. I held her collar and lead so she didn’t run off, but it was too late! She slipped that little head of hers out of that collar and made a run for it!

I chased her down the shop towards the front doors. I was amazed at how many people actually got out of her way, despite me shouting at her to come back. Thankfully, the doors were shut so she turned round and ran straight into the arms of an elderly couple who grabbed her for me! What a cheeky little monkey!!

We then decided that perhaps we needed a more secure collar and lead. Talking to the shop assistant we decided that a harness was probably best for her, so we purchased a new harness and a new lead for her!

As soon as we put the harness on her (in the store) she was like a different puppy! She walked really well as we had better control of her when she tried to run without hurting her throat.

She is now curled up in her bed trying to sleep amongst the chaos!

This post was written to include in Coombe Mill’s Country Kids link up! Why don’t you head on over to see what other bloggers and their families get up to in the Outdoors!


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  1. Coombe Mill
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 00:07:43

    Honey looks adorable and sounds like she will give you all the excuse for a good run around! Thank you for sharing your lovely first day with her on Country Kids

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