"Free Skinny Me" – Week 3

I know, I know, I am a day late with my WiW this week. Was a bit manic here yesterday having all 3 children at home that I kinda forgot to blog my weight.

The past 2 weeks I have seemed to have done really well on my mission to “Free Skinnny Me”.

It really does help having Tania over at Larger Family Life doing this along side me as I get really motivated when I see how well she has done!!

This week hasn’t been a big as a success as the previous 2. I have still lost, but not a lot. The week has been a bit stressful (more so than usual).

But I am determined to get back on track, and to blooming remember to log my food!! Someone please shout at me every day to remind me! I even have the push notifications sent to me from my WW app but I’m so slack I get weigh-layed and end up forgetting!

Anyhow, this weeks results are:

Starting Weight: 12st 2lbs (170lbs)

Week 3 Result: Loss of 1lb

Current Weight: 11st 11lbs

Mini Goal: To lose 21lbs (1st 7lbs) by Christmas

Goal Weight: 8st 7lbs (119lbs)

Total to Lose: 3st 9lbs (51lbs)

Total Lost to Date: 5lbs

Why  not head on over to check out how well Tania did this week!! Larger Family Life 


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