The Gallery: The Kitchen

So I’ve kinda been neglecting The Gallery lately. It’s been a mixture of just missing the prompt posts and forgetting.

This week I did see the prompt and thought I had to join in.

The subject for this weeks is The Kitchen.

Now everyone has their ideal kitchen. I have my ideal kitchen (and house) in my head and I would really love to have my dreams come true one day.

My ideal kitchen will be big! It will be (ideally) a nice big farmhouse-esk kitchen. Nice wood tops and cupboards, large pine table in the centre, Aga, perhaps a fireplace with a small rug and a couple of chairs to curl up in on those cold winter nights with a cup of cocoa and a good read.

Until then, we just have to make do with what we’ve got.

We had our kitchen ripped out and re-done in early August this year and blogged about it here. Now, our house is really small and in turn our rooms are small. The kitchen itself is not big enough for 2 people to be in there at the same time.

We tried to make it as light as possible and managed to gain slightly more space.

I’m gradually spending more time baking and cooking. I love cookbooks and getting a a varied collection. I just need to get a shelf (or two) put up to house them!

The ‘New’ Kitchen

My Cookery Book Collection

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