Operation Christmas Child

I heard about Operation Christmas Child (OCC) a few years ago and always wanted to get involved. Unfortunately, things crop up and I never quite managed it.

Operation Christmas Child, run by the charity Samaritans Purse , is the Worlds Largest Christmas project for children. Started in 1990, they have been sending gift filled shoe boxes to disadvantaged children in Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

This year I was DETERMINED that we would do 2 boxes! One each for the children to do!

I popped in to my local shoe zone store and asked for 2 boxes. They are also a collection point, so were more than happy to hand over the boxes.

I then went and brought the gifts. There is a list on the OCC website of what you can and cannot include in the boxes. It can be found here.

We then wrapped our boxes in nice festive paper! You are required to make a minimum donation of £2.50 per box (for shipping costs). This year, if you are doing a box, you can donate online. You then print off a barcode and can actually track where your parcel goes! How cool is that?!

Here are our finished boxes!!

K’s Box for a Girl 2-4yrs

J’s Box for a Boy aged 5-9yrs

Each box contains:

Pack of Stickers & Album, Notepad, Felt Pens, Bag of Mix Sweets, Cuddly Teddy, Woolly Hat, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Bar of Soap, Small Toy (Boy has a car and Girl has small Dora toy & Hairbands).

We’ve really enjoyed getting involved this year. The children enjoyed packing their boxes up! Hopefully next year we can do some more!!


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