Our CoombeMill break – Day 6

J and I went on the animal food run this morning. K wasjoining us, but in typical 4yr old style she didn’t pick her feet up whenwalking and went splat, face down into a pile of mud! This meant that I had totake her back to the cottage where P was with A and he cleaned her up.

Today the feed run was done by Farmer Ted. We took some left over scraps we hadas well as the pumpkin from Halloween, which was given to the pigs to playwith. J wasn’t brave enough to feed any of the animals, so Farmer Ted gave himsome bread to throw in the pond for the ducks. I got some great pictures againof the animals and one of a chicken who had climbed into the pond area! Wethink he thinks he’s a duck!!

After the animal run we had to go to the supermarket to get some more suppliesand bits for A. It was then back to the cottage for lunch, then we decided totake the children swimming.

Just up the road from Coombe Mill is a place called Hengar Manor. It’s anotherplace where my Nan used to take us swimming when we visited, and then someevenings we would go up when there was entertainment on. We decided to take thechildren there.

We don’t get to go swimming much at home. A has never been swimming! When wegot in there the children were rather clingy and wouldn’t let go. A reallyenjoyed the water and loves to splash.

We managed to coax the older 2 out of the ‘baby’ pool. K screamed rather loudlyfor some reason. They were both wearing armbands but to try and get them toaccept that they can float was hard!

However *Proud Mummy Moment Alert* J decided he wanted to go down the slide. Wegeared him on and P stood at the bottom ready to “catch” him. He wasslightly unsure at first and stopped himself before he went splashing into thewater. Once he had done it, I t wanted to go again and this time he went straightdown into the water! It was an amazing achievement for him. He’s not a huge fanof water. He hates water going anywhere near his face, so for him it was a bigdeal and both P and I were so proud of him for giving t a go!!

Then there’s K. I managed to convince her that she will float with her armbandson! I showed her how to kick her legs and move her arms and gradually let go ofher. Once she realisedshe was floating and actually “swimming” there was no stopping her!She done the whole length of the pool! So, in a space of 1 hour, she went fromnear on strangling me she was holding on so tight, so “swimming” thewhole length of the pool!! Definitely swimming lessons on the cards when we gethome.

After swimming we went up to the bar and had a bite to eat. The bar hadn’tchanged at all. It had been redecorated but everything was in the same placesas I remembered man-years ago!!
After dinner we headed back to the cottage. The children and P watched a filmwhilst I tidied bits up. Tomorrow is the last day we are here before we leaveon Saturday. We are really enjoying all the countryside and none of us want toleave!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Coombe Mill
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 16:11:05

    Having the pool just up the lane is perfect on a wet afternoon. All my children learn't to swim up there too. I am going to miss logging in to read your daily diary here next week!

  2. Rachel Gully
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 16:40:48

    I am going to miss writing them! There are 2 more post scheduled 🙂

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