Our Coombe Mill Break – Day 7

It was the last animal feed run of the week today so we alldecided to go. Sadly J was playing up and misbehaving. It took us a while toget him ready and he was pre-warned to behave or he would be going straightback to the cottage. Unfortunately, shortly after we had reached the pigs J wasnaughty. He was messing around with the trailer gate and caused one of theyounger children to cry. He was asked to apologisebut he refused, so I took him back to the cottage andwaited for P to return back with the girls. It was a real shame that he had togo and ruin things by silly actions!Thankfully, the little girl wasn’t hurt and just shocked (the gate flew back onher), but it wasn’t the point. Needless to say he behaved better for the restof the day (apart from the bickering with K in the car).We decided to head off to Boscastle in the morning. It’s a pretty little harbour village. We had awalk around, peeped in the gift shops and had some lunch.

J has been going on all week about going to the beach, so we decided to headdown to Polzeath. Again, it isa place where my grandparents used to take my sisters and me as children. It’sa vast beach and really pretty setting. As it is out of season we were able topark up on the beach.
We took a little walk along the beach and decided to get a nice cup of tea towarm us up before heading back to Coombe Mill.The rest of the evening was spent washing, tidying up and packing for our triphome. It was P’s first time down to Cornwall and he has really enjoyed it. It’sso quiet and peaceful and so remote! I love that we are in the middle ofnowhere (although mobile phone signal and Wi-Fi can be a nightmare!!). It’sbeen nice having P off work for the week and spending time together as afamily.Fiona and Farmer Nick at Coombe Mill have been great. They are such lovelypeople. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a quiet retreat with thefamily (or as a couple) to check out Coombe Mill!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and I really don’t want to leave!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Coombe Mill
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 22:21:23

    Ah thank you Rachel, sorry you missed out on the last feed run. With 6 I always seam to have someone playing up so understand so well.

  2. Rachel Gully
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 18:31:47

    I was a bit disappointed that he couldn't apologise as we both ended up missing out. Oh well, there's always next time 🙂

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