Our CoombeMill break – Day 5

We missed the food run this morning as we didn’t get up until 8:30. A didn’tsleep well again and was awake several times during the night and then J woke at2:30am wanting to go have breakfast. I’m not quite sure why he was awake soearly as there is a black out blind in the room and K managed to sleep through.I sometimes think it’s just J’s natural body clock to wake early, although Iwish that wasn’t the case!!

J was in one of his moods this morning, and it took us a while to coax him toget dressed. When we had finally managed to finished getting everybody ready wedecided to head off to The Eden Project. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for afew years so was really excited to see it.

It wasn’t particularly busy there so we managed to get round and see everythingwe wanted. I really do recommend going to The Eden Project if you ever visitCornwall. The entry fees were reasonably priced and as under 5’s are free itmeant that we didn’t have to pay for the younger 2. We also gift aided on ourentrance fee and as a thank you from The Eden Project we received 12months freeentry which is fab as it means that we (hopefully) can come back within ayear!!

Within The Eden Project there are two main Biomes, The Rainforest and theMediterranean. It is mainly all different species of plants within the Biomes,as well as sculptures, waterfalls and mock huts from certain parts of the world.

The children enjoyed looking at all the different plants and reading theplaques about them and where they’re found, although it did get slightly hot inthe Rainforest Biome. The Eden Project is a real educational experience forchildren and adults.

We decided to get dinner on the way home, so we stopped in at the Jamaica Innas we didn’t go inside yesterday. It really is slightly eerie in there. It’s asspooky on t he inside as it is on the outside. The food was fairly nice too.

When we left it was raining really hard, and dark, but we decided we wouldcross the moor on the way to the cottage again. It’s the most direct route asyou’re cutting through the moor rather than round it. It wasn’t as bad a driveas it sounds. There was hardly any oncoming traffic, so with lights on fullbeam it was easy navigate.

A had fallen asleep on the way back and K crashed on the sofa shortly after. Ithink it was a rather productive day, if you ask me!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Coombe Mill
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 20:07:37

    Rachel, I think you are marvelous to have packed such a wonderful day in for the kids after hardly any sleep! We also have Eden passes, it really is great value and they have ice skating on now till end of Feb which is really fun, hope you get to come back and take advantage.

  2. Rachel Gully
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 20:26:32

    They really enjoyed it and we're hoping to be able to get down again before the pass runs out next year 🙂

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