Our CoombeMill break – Day 4

Theweather was beautiful today. Was a little chilly, but the sun was shining.

P and J went on the feed run this morning whilst the girls and myself stayedback at the cottage. A hadn’t slept that well so was tired. She’s teething tooso was slightly grumpy and didn’t think it would be fair on her (or the otherguests) to drag her out on the feed run whilst she was miserable.

Once P & J returned we discussed what to do today. There are still a fewthings we want to do before we go home, and J is eager to go to the beach. Wegave the children the option of going to the Eden Project or we could go andvisit King Arthur’s Castle. Being avid Merlin fans, they opted for King Arthur’sCastle.

When we arrived, we were a little disheartened to find that as of 1st Novemberit actually shuts during the week and is only open on weekends. However, wewere able to walk down the footpaths around the castle.

We took A in her pushchair not realising how steep the hills were. I did havemy wrap with me but I would rather push a pushchair up a hill than carry a 17lbbaby on my front up a hill!!

The children were slightly disappointed that the “castle” wasactually ruins and not an actual real castle. I think they were expecting tosee the castle shown on the TV programme.

We took a wander back up to the village and had some lunch in a local pub.After lunch we went and had some ice cream before heading back.

On the way back we decided to head towards the little hamlet where mygrandparents used to live. We managed to find it fairly easily. It has been 11years since I was last there and the hamlet has changed. My grandparents househas changed, and opposite, where it was once just hedgerow and land, is now ahouse! It was quite surreal going there and not pulling into the driveway, notseeing my Nan come to the door to greet us, to not see the kitchen window openand my Grandad standing there whistling at the birds and throwing biscuits andbacon fat out to them. I feel sad that P or the children never got to meet 2 ofthe most important people in my life. They were truly lovely people andterribly missed every day.

It was still early(ish) so we decided to go for a drive and see if we couldfind a pub called The Jamaica Inn. It is one of the oldest and most hauntedpubs in the country. It was featured on Most Haunted back in 2004 where theteam did a ghost hunt. It is faulty easy to get to and we were surprised tofind it so close to the A30 and in a little village. We were expecting it to bein the middle of nowhere. We parked up and J and I got out and went to the giftshop and to take a few snaps before heading back to the car.

We decided to take the scenic route over the Moors to get back to CoombeMill.I love driving along the moors. It is something we used to do as children when visitingmy grandparents.

This trip is being very nostalgic.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Coombe Mill
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 18:16:06

    Sounding like a real trip down memory lane for you. The castle is very disappointing to look at but the views make up for it – perhaps not to the children! I have several of my friends living in Trevagan and now wonder when I go there which house would have been your Nan's.

  2. Rachel Gully
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 17:22:04

    It was very surreal going back there. P asked if I wanted to take a picture, but it didn't feel right. It's not my grandparents home anymore. It had changed.

    The views are spectacular from the path!!

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