Our CoombeMill break – Day 1 (Arrival)

We left home early on the Saturday as we knew it would be a fair old drive to CoombeMill in St Breward, Cornwall.

We decided to stop off at Paultons Theme Park on the way as we had brought tickets a few months ago but hadn’t got round to using them. They were due to run out at the end of the month so we thought we’d do it on the way down to Cornwall.

The kids enjoyed Paulton’s, especially Peppa Pig World.

After a few hours there, we made the 3.5 hour drive to CoombeMill. I remembered most of the scenery from my trips down as a child to visit my grandparents. I had forgotten how steep some of the hills are though!

We managed to find CoombeMill fairly easy, although it’s right at the bottom of a valley, which meant driving down a fairly steep hill! We were both concerned how our 1.6 diesel engine car would get back up the hill though!!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely Fiona. She showed us to the cottage we will be staying in. Now, I had seen pictures put on the their website…but they seriously do not do it justice! The cottage is amazing! It’s so spacious!

We stayed in “Willow” which is a 3 bed, 2 bathroom cottage. It has a little play den for the children (including toys) and a Jacuzzi bath!!!

At reception there are books, toys, wellies etc that everyone is welcome to borrow free of charge. There is also a fridge and freezer that is stocked with bread, milk, yoghurt’s etc as well as home made meals that are available to purchase.

We settled in for the evening. The children spent several hours playing in the den. It is so handy having it there. It really does keep the children occupied. The cottage is really child friendly. There are built in stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, and also a gate on the den so children can play in there safely.

The grounds are so spacious also. There are outdoor and indoor play areas as well as 30 acres of grounds to explore.

We went to bed early as we were tired from our busy day driving. It felt surreal laying in bed and hearing silence! We live not far from a busy road, motorway and airport so we are used to hearing a lot of traffic, animals, police sirens, helicopters and planes. To hear nothing but the River Camel running through the grounds is Bliss!!

We’re really looking forward to our week here!!



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Coombe Mill
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 23:32:01

    Gush, beam, thanks Rachel, what a wonderful write up of day 1! Breaking the journey with a fun stop for the kids sounds like a really good idea too. Can't wait to read more:)

  2. Rachel Gully
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 23:40:25

    There are several more posts on Coombe Mill! We really enjoyed our time there and none of us wanted to leave!! šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 01:29:05

    I know that feeling, I wanted to hide under the bed on check out day šŸ™‚

  4. Musings from a mum
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 21:34:13

    Hope you have a great break. Coombe Mill sounds really nice. I will add to list of places to check out. Finding good child friendly places is great.

  5. Rachel Gully
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 18:34:06

    It truly is beautifl and is great for kids! There is so much to do, not just at the farm but surrounding area's too! If I could have stayed there longer, I would!!

  6. loveinthenest.co.uk
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 12:50:45

    Oh wow!!! It sounds like you had a great day, how lovely! I'm a bit jealous, I really want to go to Coombe Mill with my little family. It looks amazing! So cosy and so many things to do šŸ™‚

  7. Rachel Gully
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 16:04:45

    I really couldn't recommend it enough and have recommended it to a lot of friends! It is a great place for the kids! We're already talking about going back next year! šŸ™‚

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