Holidays…. Again???

It only seems like the children have been back to school 5 minutes, and it’s “Half Term” time again!!

I now have a week where I am to entertain 3 children (rather than just the 1). Its near Christmas, meaning all those pennies are needed, otherwise there will be no “Santa” visit this year…and its cold meaning that I am slightly more reluctant to spend my time sitting in the park freezing my bits off.

That means, the children will, instead, trash the house. We have a small garden, but it has a trampoline, yet they refuse to go out and play. Instead, they’d rather pull out every single thing they own, then leave it on the floor.

Today alone, they have pulled the majority of their toys out. When asked to tidy up, I was greeted with the response “Why?”. K, then decided it was her rightly duty, being the Princess that she think she is, to lay on the sofa, and demand that I get “Chocolate Milk NOW!”

J has been fairly good and did actually pick up the toys he got out. A, has been miserable and decided to have a screaming hissy fit for 10minutes whilst trying to climb my leg as I try to tidy up.

I now have to feed the troops with bare cupboards. I forgot the food shop and refuse to drag all three children to the supermarket where there will be tantrums and tears, just from me alone. The children will beg for magazine and sweets, and then scream at me when they are told “not today”, and everyone else looks at me like I am a horrid person and a terrible mother.

So, here I am, already in meltdown, and its only Day 1 …


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kate
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 15:29:31

    Have you been spying on me? This could be me on any day of the week!

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