The Gallery: Inspirational People

This week over on The Gallery the theme is “Inspirational People”.

Tara wants us to know who inspires us in our lives. Here is my contribution:

Ok, so I’m not normally one for gushy, mushy bumf and I am not one to broadcast how I feel (especially not on my FaceBook page!), as I don’t feel there is a need for it. But, I thought that I would dedicate this post to him, because he does inspire me, and our children 🙂

My Husband, P

He has lived in the same area all his life (we now live in the next road from the house he grew up in). He is the first born and was followed by a brother (D), 6 years later.

Home life was the usual for most families. Then when he was 17, his mum passed away suddenly. My Father-in-Law (J) was left to bring up D, then just 11, whilst P continued his college, then went on to get a job.

A rare snap including P’s Mum, along with his brother D, and Grandparents.

He didn’t really want to get a job. His passion was (and still is) music! He writes and produces his own music and is really good (and I’m not just being biased!!).

He muddled through life, and in 2001, I started working at the same company he did. We became good friends. I was going through a rough patch, and he was there for me. He listened to me moaning. After 18 months of being friends, things progressed.

I left the company after being there for 2 years, and he continued working there. It was a great company. It was a small company and even though it was very much male orientated, it was such a  laugh! We had such good banter there.

We eventually moved in together, in Jan 2005 after being together just 2years. 3 days after moving in together, we discovered I was pregnant with our first baby! What a shock! But he took it in his stride & did what he could to support us. Our son, J, was born in September 2005.

P with J at 1 week old. 

Shortly after J was born, we decided that we wanted to buy our own home. We didn’t want to be renting and paying someone else’s mortgage. We started looking for our own property. I would have been happier to move further afield, but he wanted to stay close by to his Dad, brother, Nan and Grandad. So we brought a small terrace in the next road from his dad’s house. By this time, D, had moved out and was now living in America, working as a soccer coach (he is still there now, happily married!), so it was important to be close to his dad. Not only that, but handy as J helped out looking after Baby J whilst I worked part time.

We eventually moved in to our house in June 2006. I was 9 weeks pregnant with our second baby at the time! (new house, new baby an all that!?!). Our daughter K was born in February 2007 and we quickly settled in to being a family of 4.

P and K at 1 day old.

In April 2007, we got engaged, and looked at having our wedding the following year. We knew exactly where we wanted it…Florida! It was our favourite place in the whole world, so what better place to get married!

I returned to work full time in January 2008, after taking a year off! After all we have that wedding to pay for!

D, had got married the December before (2007), and sadly, whilst out there, P’s Grandad suffered a silent heart attack. He was advised that he needed a Heart By-Pass and his Travel Insurance would have covered it. He could have the surgery within hours, spend a few weeks in the rehabilitation centre, then a few weeks at the condo to recover. We were willing to fly out to be with them for Christmas. But, being stubborn, he wanted to get the treatment from home. He was medivaced home on a special ambulance plane with doctors in tow. Unsure as to whether he would make the journey home. He was admitted to hospital here, and after his initial by-pass being cancelled at the very last minute, it was eventually done on New Years Eve 2008.

We got married in May 2008. Sadly, P’s Grandparents couldn’t make it. His grandad was too poorly and his nan really isn’t a fan of flying, and due to a stroke she suffered 9 years ago, travel insurance is rather ludicrous. I know he was sad that they weren’t there, and that his Mum wasn’t there either.

Our Wedding


Sadly, his Grandad passed away in July 2008. The day before his funeral, P was made redundant from his job that he had been in for 11 years. Talk about 2 blows at once!! For anyone, that is a lot to deal with but P just picked himself up! He was good at his job, and within 13 days of not having a job, he was head hunted by another company! He worked with them for a few months, then decided enough was enough. He wasn’t particularly keen on the company. So he took a big step, but with all of us behind him, he set up his own company with clients straight away.

He was there for me, when we lost 2 babies in the space of 5 months in 2009. It was heartbreaking for both of us. But I really don’t know what I would have done without him.

He reassured me when we fell pregnant again in 2010. Then when I started having complications at 27 weeks he was the one that sped me to the hospital and held my hand as they poked and prodded me. Never let on how scared he truly was. Then, he was the one who cared, solely, for J & K, took care of the house AND ran his business for 6 weeks whilst I was in hospital!

P with A at 3 days old. 

He works extremely hard for us, sometimes late into the night and at weekends, but I know he is doing it to give us a better life! 
So, here he is…my inspirational husband! I truly do not know what I would do without him! 🙂 
If you would like to see more inspirational people – head on over to

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JoJo
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 19:26:58

    Love it hun, what a fairytale xxxx

  2. Rachel Gully
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 22:34:37

    Thank you Jo. He truly is a great man! x

  3. ghostwritermummy
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 15:37:27

    Ah, what a lovely post. Sometimes its ok to gush a bit 🙂

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