My Best Day….

So, after Part 1 yesterday of the BritMums Blog Prompt here is Part 2.

The second blog prompt for this week is:

Personal Prompt: Share with us the BEST DAY you’ve ever spent with your kids/family.

Well, its a really tough one as there have been many good days. There was the day we got married. The children were there and even though he was 2.5 at the time, J walked me down the ‘aisle’ to meet Paul.

Then we spent our ‘honeymoon’ with the children. I say ‘honeymoon’ because we got married in Florida, so we could hardly leave the children behind could we! But then, we only had 2 children then, so even though it was a lovely day, it wasn’t as the family that we are now.

I can’t really pic a best day but certainly the best weekend, was when we took a road trip, along with one of my sisters, up to Alton Towers in the Easter Break. We have been there a few times, as we are lucky enough to have Merlin Passes, but it is a few hours drive for us. We stayed overnight in a Travelodge and then decided we would go to Warwick Castle on the way home.

The children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. It was lovely having my sister come with us, as she could help P take the children on the rides whilst I sat with A. She was also able to accompany P on the roller coasters (I get queasy).

So, that would have to be my Best Day(s) with my family 🙂

Here are a few pictures from our day:

Me and A at Alton Towers

J fighting a Pirate at Alton Towers

Arrghhh me hearties

Warwick Castle

J & K in the Stocks

K meeting a ‘real’ Princess at Warwick Castle

K and the ‘Lady in Waiting’ at Warwick Castle

Princess K with her crown and throne

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