Being My Own Boss….

This is something I have considered. The trouble is….doing what?

My husband (P) runs a successful Freight Forwarding company which he set up back in 2009. He has always been in the business, and after being made redundant, he decided to give it a shot himself.

We have been fortunate that it took off from Day 1, and by December of the same year I was able to leave my job and become a Stay At Home Mum.

The thing is…I am now getting a bit bored, and to be honest, I HATE having to rely on my husband for money!

I have worked all my life, well from the age of 15! I started off just little Saturday jobs, then went in to full time work from the age of 17, only taking time off to have the older 2 children. This is all new to me, staying home to raise the kids. I do enjoy it, but now the older 2 are at school, I want to do something for me, and to get a bit of extra money.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the sort of things to do. I’ve sold personal items on eBay…but can’t really see me turning it into a job. I have dabbled with Party Plan…and it wasn’t for me. Maybe it was the products I were offering, I don’t know. I’m shy and lack self esteem and confidence, and feel you need these to be able to really sell.

I am an Ofsted Registered Childminder, and I have thought about pursuing this, but the thought of having someones child in my care for a long period of time is petrifying if I am honest.

The thing is…I love the idea of Event Planning, but again, the confidence is an issue for me. I also love to write, but have no qualifications or experience to ever make any money from them (plus, I’m not that great!). I have this blog, but its more of a personal thing and my writing style could be a lot better!

I love the idea of being my own boss. I love to organise things. I love the thought of a packed diary. I love the idea of being really busy.

If I’m honest, I miss working. I miss the little independence it gave me, and again, the financial aspect!

Seeing my husband succeed in his career, has made me, well…jealous! I want that. I want to work! But then I also DON’T WANT to leave A. I want  need to do something that will work for her too.

For now, I will continue researching avenues and hope that I get that lightbulb moment and a fantastic idea that will enable me to be the SAHM/WAHM that I crave to be!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emma
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 04:12:30

    Let us know when you come up with something, I too would love to do something to do with event planning (and have done various party plan things!) | always feel there is something brilliant there that I just have not thought of yet. I'm in Cyprus which possibly doesn't help but I'm sure one day I can think of something better because of this.

  2. Debbie
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 13:47:51

    Whereabouts are you based Rachel? I might have an idea that could suit you – organising networking events for mums. It's not a full time business but certainly a pocket money earner and can be done in the company if babies and toddlers.

    Could work in Cyprus too, Emma if you have a big expat community there. If you are interested please email me on for more details

  3. Rachel Gully
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 19:32:17

    Emma – it seems so easy when you talk to others who are WAHM. I gave up my job in Dec 09, due to the fact that they wouldn't allow me to work from home (I could easily have done it, they were just being sods). Shame as I really liked my job, but I was paying too much in childcare. I'm trying to find things to do, but a lot either want a lot of money upfront or are scams. I hope you find something.

    Debbie – I have emailedyou. Would be interested in more info.

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