SuperNanny: iPhone App Review

SuperNanny App for iPhone – £1.99

I have always been a fan of SuperNanny, so was excited to get the chance to review her application for the iPhone.I always try to implement the SuperNanny methods, but sometimes find I can’t remember the full steps. This app is great to remind you of the steps to take and keeping an up to date reward chart.

The app itself is well designed, and easy to use.

You set up each child with their own Profile (as far as I can tell, there are no limits to the number of profiles. I entered 10 and still had the opportunity to enter more). Each Profile has a picture of the child, their name and their specific Reward Charts and Time Out.

You can customise each child’s reward chart, by taking pictures of which rewards they will receive and which tasks they need to complete to get these rewards.

There are 4 different themes for the reward charts to choose from. They are: Space, Underwater, Fairies & Cats, or Haunted Castle.

The number of steps to get a reward depend on the child’s age. There are between 5 steps for children aged 3-5. 7 steps for children aged 5-7 and 10 steps for children aged 7-10.

There are a set of pre-input rules for children to abide by in order to gain their stars to get a reward. You can easily delete any of the rules that do not apply to you and add your own. Or perhaps add your own on top.

The Time Out feature is great for keeping track on ensuring that you are using the method correctly. Using your child’s date of birth (input when creating their profile), it automatically gives you the amount of minutes required for time out. It also shows the steps required for the Time Out technique.

The app also has a handy “Advice Section”, which gives you advice on SuperNanny’s Techniques. These handy hints are accompanied by a short video clip of how to execute the technique.

There is also a games section, containing 2 games to keep the children entertained, and a Shop section enabling you to purchase more products from the SuperNanny range.

Overall. I think this app is great and gives you everything you need to enable you to keep up with the SuperNanny techniques. The Advice Section is great on enabling you to make sure you are doing everything correctly, and you are able to amend the specific rewards and rules to your own specification.

For £1.99, its truly an app that every parent who uses these methods should have!


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  1. Anonymous
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 08:54:21

    Hey, where was SuperNanny and iphones when my lot were growing up? lol. This looks really good and if more parents adopted her strategies maybe a more disciplined and respectful society would evolve. There's no excuse for parents even those on benefits who say they have no money, you bet your life they can afford to smoke and carry a smartphone but implementing a few key principals when bringing up their kids seems to be too much to think about. Well done for reviewing this app, it's Super Nanny in your pocket.

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