It wasn’t me….

These are words that I hear too often in my house. You see, my oldest 2 are menaces. Think Dennis the Menace x 10 and that is my son. J. My daughter K is fairly placid in comparison, but she can be just as naughty when egged on by her brother.
I cannot leave the room for a minute without coming back and it looking like 100 Tasmanian Devils have been whizzing around the place. When asked what they have done I get the same response “It wasn’t me” and both point the blame towards each other.
My 2 menaces have got up to various things ranging from the naughty but funny to the down right dangerous.
A few of their antics include:
  • Drawing on the walls, windows, doors
  • (some of their artwork)
  • Drenching the bathroom, either by splashing whilst in the bath, tipping water over the bath or playing in the sink.
  • Trashing their bedrooms.
  • Emptying out all the toys all over the place
  • Throwing toys at each other (J once threw a wooden chimney from K’s dolls house….at her head!)
  • Toast in the DVD Player
  • Digging up mud in the garden (and trying to dig up the guinea pig we buried when he passed away).
There was also the incident with the bean bag.

J and K thought it would be fun to empty out the inside of the bean bag and throw the little polystyrene balls at each other. I had to empty my vacuum TWICE when clearing up…..and I am STILL finding them pop out of little hiding places now! They literally got everywhere!! 
Here are my 2 little horrors, in the stocks for their antics 🙂
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