My Goals

So, with September creeping up on us fast, I thought I would write a few little goals that I would like to achieve.

As of September, my 2 eldest children will be in full time school leaving just the baby at home. This means instead of running around each day back and forth on school runs, I will have a full 6hrs 25mins to myself.

Having those few extra hours to myself will mean that I can make some goals and plans, and HOPE that I can accomplish them!

I’m writing them here in the hope that this will encourage me to be more pro-active and actually do them, rather than just thinking “Oh yes, I’ll do that” and never get round to it!

So, here goes:

1. Get Fit – I have attempted this several times over the years. I have joined a gym, been a few times, and then got bored (or pregnant). But this time I am determined to get rid of some of the 3stone extra weight I am hogging around with me on a daily basis. Most of this is down to my stupendous weight gain when pregnant with my first child.

I used to be really good and go to the gym on a regular basis before having the children. I used to be a smoker, then when P and I had been dating a year, I quit (he’s very anti-smoking) and I turned to food. I piled on 2 stone in extra weight in a year. I started Pilates classes, went to the gym 3-4 times a week and saw a personal trainer on one of those sessions. A personal trainer is fab as they really push you, but I can’t justify the £50 a session like I could back then.

So this time, I’m just hoping to be able to do a bit more walking with the baby. I’m also looking in to joining a gym again. Most gyms now offer “Off Peak” charges which would be suitable for me. It would mean that I pay a lesser fee to go during the day. I can have some time in the gym, then me and A can go for a bit of a swim.

2. Keep on top of things – May seem a bit trivial to some, but its an issue I have. I struggle sometimes to keep on top of things like washing and housework. I can spend a whole day blitzing the house and have everything in its place and the house spotless, for the kids to come home and undo everything in less than an nano-second. This then disheartens me and I really wonder why I bother. I know my house will never be a show home whilst the children are growing up and I don’t expect it to be (I grew up in one of those “show homes” where we were too scared to sit down for fear of disrupting the cushion arrangement!!). I would however, just like a bit of tidiness at the end of the day, and some help from the terrible two-some.

3. Write more – So, my blog has only been going for a few months now, but I am really enjoying it. I know I don’t post every day, but I enjoy writing my posts. I enjoy connecting with other bloggers and reading other people’s blogs. I am hoping that come September I will have more time to write. Not only my blog but perhaps pursue some other writing avenues also.

At school I was a keen writer and loved writing short stories. I would love to write a book one day, whether it be short stories, children’s stories or a novel. I just need the inspiration to hit me!

4. Get Organised – I’m a fairly organised person anyway (well, I like to think so), but I’d like to be slightly better at it. Just things like: Start buying Christmas and Birthday presents throughout the year rather than in one mad rush. Not only will it help, but for finances it’ll be easier too. Although there is the downside that I may forget what I have already brought! Its something that I will definitely look in to. I love to try and be frugal where I can.

So, there are my goals to start in September once the children are back at school. I’m sure I will think of some others to add to it. Hopefully I can stick to them this time!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mel
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 20:11:18

    Hi ive just found your blog so thought I would say a little hello. My second oldest starts school in sept aswell! Cant believe I will have two at school (but ive also got 3 at home) Some of y plans would sound exactly like yours lol.
    Off to go and follow your blog – hope you dont mind 🙂

  2. Rachel Gully
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 21:36:24

    Hi Mel, Thanks for following! Keep in touch and let me know how you get on with your goals x

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