School Holidays – Week 1

Well we have done a full week off school now. To be honest we haven’t done much. We’re having our kitchen ripped out on Monday so have been trying to get organised. 

We have mainly spent our days at home, although Thursday we did venture to the cinema to a Kids AM Viewing. 

The kids have been going to bed late, and have actually been sleeping in! *Shock Horror* Normally the later they go to bed the earlier they wake!! 

I’ve been looking at taking them to a farm one day next week (to get out of the kitchen fitters hair!) …but was shocked at the price! Wow!! For 1 adult & 2 kids it’ll be near on £30 (A is free as under a year old). That was purely for the entry! Maybe it’s just the farms near me that are do expensive? To some £30 isn’t a lot, but to others it’s extortionate! But…I need to get out the house and keep the kids entertained! 

Hopefully do another Kids AM viewing during the week too! Can’t beat £1.25 a ticket 🙂 

We must go and collect our renewed Merlin Passes too! I can feel a lot of trips to Thorpe Park / Chessington and picnics will happen the next few weeks.

So, there you go. We’ve survived, (just about) the first week of Summer! ….Now, where’s the sun?? 


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  1. JoJo
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 09:02:51

    Have you tried Horton Park Farm, I found them very reasonable, let me know when you are thinking of going, I love taking the kids there but need adult company lol

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