Skinny Minnie’s

Today was our son’s sports day..and boy, what a day for a bunch of hyperactive 4 and 5 year olds to be running around  competing to win first place whilst the pushy parents shout at them from the sidelines. 

I’m not a pushy parent and it’s the taking part that counts. I knew J would do his best and I wasn’t worried about how well/not well he would do. Saying that he did come 1st & 3rd in his races!! 

Today, if I’m honest, I was more concerned about how I looked, as selfish and vain as it sounds. For I am no skinny minnie. I can fit in to a size 14, with a bit of a wiggle and breathing in. 

I have barely any summer clothes, and last summer I was pregnant so the maternity gear was out. I opted for a pair of denim shorts & a white and red striped vest top. The shorts are probably shorter than I would like, showing off the lilly white tree trunks I call my legs. 

To say I felt a bit uncomfortable is an understatement. I felt fat & frumpy looking at other mums & their trim figures.This heat doesn’t help either…. I blame the water retention.

I am breastfeeding, so obviously dieting is out of the question. I try to eat healthily, but unfortunately I can hear cakes & chocolate scream my name from the shops just a short walk away…and I cave in to temptation. 

The way I felt today, made me think more about how other mums feel about their bodies. Do we feel pressured by these so-called Celebs and the WAGs out there to slim down within days of giving birth? 

For example, it’s reported that Abbey Clancy was back to a size 6 just 7 weeks after giving birth and she was seen out and about in her skinny jeans within days of having her baby daughter in March earlier this year. Is it pictures like that, that make us mums who are still carrying the baby weight months, and even years later feel insecure about their size? I know it does me!

Before I met my husband, I was a slim size 8, and was 8st 2lbs at my heaviest. Fast forward 8 and a half years and several stone later, I’m feeling less confident about how I look and longing to be the slender me again. A lot of my weight gain is due to my first pregnancy (I put nearly 4stone on!) and I’ve not been able to shift it since. 

I’d love to be able to fit in to my pre-pregnancy clothes, and would be a bonus if I could fit in to my pre- J pregnancy size 10’s but I can’t see that happening somehow! For I am a mother, who looks after her children. I’m not saying celebs don’t look after their kids, but how do they have the time to get their shape back? I don’t have time to go to the gym (or the money to hire a personal trainer). The closest thing to exercise I get is chasing the kids up the stairs to try and get them in the bath. 

I’m not completely naive and I know that these women are in the public eye and therefore feel they need to snap back in to their pre-baby shape. I also know that every woman is different and some woman are just simply blessed with elasticated skin that stretch Armstrong would be envious of. But do we, as “normal”, not in the public eye mothers, need these types of pictures shoved in our faces on most magazines and tabloid newspapers? Where are the pics of them sporting a bit of tummy?? 

I can’t see it happening somehow and us woman who aren’t created from the skinny gene will just have to cover over our green eyes, and secretly hope it catches up with them later in life. 

 For now,  these celebs can have their skinny jeans and their trim figures. I may be slightly on the chunky side…but at least I can be proud of my mummy tummy…even if I don’t like it most days. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. motherventing
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 19:46:29

    Oh man, I was just thinking this today, after sitting in the park and prodding unhappily at my roll of flab poking out over my skirt. I constantly compare myself, not to celebs in mags (I recognise that what they have is unachievable for us plebs!) but to other mums who have babies the same age as mine and whose tummy is decidedly not as flabby as mine! I blame the cake and biscuits and not getting up off my fat lazy arse. I guess I'll do something about it when it really starts to bug me… till then… *chomps another biscuit*

  2. Michelle
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 08:37:45

    I've got Ella's sports day to go to tomorrow and KayCee's on Friday and I hate standing there, next to all the glam mums, looking like me! I've been overweight since I was about 8 and have reached my heaviest ever weight. Got to do something about it now because it's getting hard to walk. I've bought a dvd by Jillian Michaels called 30 day shred. She was the fitness expert on America's biggest loser. Not taken it of the box yet cos I'm scared lol I've heard it's a punisher but it gets results so today's the day!

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