Tis I Here

Ok, so I’ve been pondering this whole blogging thing for a while and decided “what the hell”…. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I figured that I’m opinionated enough to perhaps put some decent stuff down?

So, when I looked in to this, I kept finding people saying “what is it you want to write about?” Well pretty much anything really (I promise to try and not let this blog look like a scramble of mish mash irrelevant dribble)

I am on the wrong side of my 20’s, approaching the big 3-0 quicker than I’d like to admit. I’m married, have 3 kids and I’m a SAHM (that’s a Stay At Home Mum to us in the know).

I’ve experienced loads in my life, and in pregnancy, that I feel could perhaps benefit some people? I love to give advise and I have a lot of it!


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